Caring for Fresh Flowers

  • Fresh Water

    No need to worry about flower food or fancy preservatives. Change the water in your vase every 24-48 hours and you'll notice your flowers last longer.

  • Clean Vessle

    Run your vase or container through the dishwasher between flower arrangements to avoid bacteria build up (this decreases the shelf life of your blooms).

  • Cooler Temperatures

    Flowers last longer if they are kept in cooler temperatures. No need to place them in the refrigerator but it's best to avoid placing them next to a heater.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

    Direct light can have a dramatic effect on the shelf life of your blooms. Keep them out of the sun and avoid harsh bright lighting conditions.

  • Trim Stems

    Trim the stems of your blooms on an angle to increase the surface area each flower has access to draw water from. Use sharp scissors to avoid crushing and damaging the stems.